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Panopto is the university's supported lecture capture solution at Salisbury University. Panopto provides a hosted media server for videos related to teaching and learning. While designed for capturing the traditional classroom lecture, it is also used for online and flipped classroom lectures, demonstrations and tutorials, as well as student projects and presentations. Presentations are then accessed and embedded within MyClasses.

Faculty who would like to use Panopto during the upcoming semester should:

  1. Check the Classroom Locations and Technology webpage to see if a webcam is available in your assigned classroom.
  2. If not, Submit a Help Request or call the IT Helpdesk (410) 677-5454 and indicate the location of your classroom and a request to equip the room for Panopto.
  3. Attend a Panopto workshop or contact ID&D for a consultation on how to use Panopto.