SU Institutional Review Board

Before you get started, please review the following two decision trees:

Use of the flowchart is meant to be preliminary guidance only. Researchers must be aware that publishers have the right to require review that is more stringent than federal regulations require. It is recommended that the researcher explore publication requirements prior to declaring that their research does not require IRB review. The SU IRB suggests researchers always seek out IRB review for human subject related research. The SU IRB reserves the right to make the final determination as to which category is most appropriate.

For Faculty/Staff:

For Students:

Information about the IRB:

IRB Full Committee Review Submission Dates

If you have a full committee review:

  1. Your proposal must be submitted at minimum 14 days before the scheduled meeting,
  2. You must attend the scheduled meeting. Failure to comply with either condition will delay review of your proposal
Fall meeting dates:
  • 9/12/18
  • 10/17/18
  • 11/14/18
  • 12/12/18