Submission Process & Meeting Dates

Process Overview

The Committee requires 15 business, non-holiday days to review and respond to Exempt or Expedited protocols. As such, these protocols need to be submitted at least three weeks prior to the planned start of the research in order to leave time for comments and revisions, if necessary. Please note the IRB process may take longer based upon the extent of the Committee’s feedback.

Full Committee reviews require submission at least 15 business, non-holiday days prior to the scheduled IRB meeting date. All listed researchers are required to attend the IRB meeting for full reviews. Researchers who need to follow a modified timeline should contact the IRB Committee Chair to discuss this.

For full committee protocols, we will follow the submission and review schedule as outlined here:

Meeting Date: September 19th
Submissions received by August 29th

Meeting Date: October 24th
Submissions received by October 3rd

Meeting Date: November 21st
Submissions received by October 31st

Meeting Date: December 12th
Submissions received by November 21st

Meeting Date: January 23rd
Submissions received by January 2nd

Steps to Submission, Review and Approval

The IRB reviews all proposals for human subjects' research before the research is conducted to ensure that the research plan adequately protects human subjects.

  1. Determine if your research requires IRB review. Not all research requires review and approval from the IRB. Your research must meet the definition of Human Subjects Research. Please use the IRB approval flowchart to assist with your decision-making.
  2. Review the submission and review deadlines to ensure your research timeline aligns with the IRB approval process.
  3. If you are a student investigator, find a faculty advisor who will oversee and mentor you through your research. Students cannot submit IRB protocols without a faculty member serving as the principal investigator.
  4. Complete CITI Human Subjects Training. Please note that all investigators who are directly involved with human subjects and data collection/analysis must complete training. Protocol approval is contingent upon the IRB’s receipt of all researchers’ certificates of completion. Salisbury University will accept other human subject research trainings (ie. National Institute of Health Training), but training confirmation and certificates must be provided for review.
  5. Complete your application, attach all supporting documents, necessary signatures, CITI certificates, and submit electronically to To access the IRB application and templates, please visit the forms and templates page.

Summer & Winter Term Review Schedule

The IRB accepts and reviews protocols throughout the winter and summer term; however, there may be delays in the standard three-week review process due to limited availability of reviewers. Full committee reviews are scheduled on an as needed basis, pending the availability of member quorum. Requests for full committee reviews during these terms should be made in advance to the IRB Committee Chairs.