CITI Program Information

CITI Training – Required for all Protocols

Everyone who has access to human subject’s data (collecting, analyzing, or accessing by position of sitting on a doctoral committee, etc.) must be listed on IRB protocols and complete human subject’s training. Salisbury University subscribes to CITI Program to support researchers in fulfilling this requirement. The CITI training program is available for free to anyone associated with a Salisbury University protocol. Investigators may also submit NIH or related training from other institutions to fulfill this requirement. Provide a copy of the Certificate of Completion with the IRB application.

To create an account, click here:

  • From the CITI homepage click on “Register” in the upper right corner of the homepage
    Type “Salisbury University” in the fillable box under “Select your organizational affiliation” and agree to the terms of service.
  • Continue to step two and enter your personal information (you do not need an SU email address to register for training).
  • Continue to step three and create a user name and password
  • Continue to step four and select your country of residence (United States)
  • Continue to step five and select “yes” or “no” if your module completion also serves a need for continuing education (required for some professional associations). Complete the remainder of the questions
    Continue to step six and set your language preference
  • Fill out related questions (you will likely not need to take US Export Control Courses or the Internet Privacy Security course)
  • Finalize registration and then select SU courses
  • You can add additional courses at this point


CITI training certification must be filed with the Office of Graduate Studies and Research… Prior to the collection of data.

Faculty researchers should complete modules they deem appropriate for their research.

Principle Investigators (PIs) must determine which modules are appropriate for co-PIs, Co-investigators, and others named on the protocol. Those handling data without an SU email address or affiliation can access CITI training for free indicating Salisbury University as their related institution.

Student Researchers

The IRB requires that student investigators complete the “Students in Research” module. Faculty PIs should determine if other modules are appropriate for students to complete.

For Students:

IRB Full Committee Review Submission Dates

If you have a full committee review:

  1. Your proposal must be submitted at minimum 14 days before the scheduled meeting,
  2. You must attend the scheduled meeting. Failure to comply with either condition will delay review of your proposal

Fall meeting dates:

  • 9/12/18
  • 10/17/18
  • 11/14/18
  • 12/12/18