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Congratulations on finding the Research and Creative Activity Directory! The purpose of this directory is to provide you with a listing of potential research/creative activity opportunities that you may search by department and the semester that you would like to work.

You may search by department and date. For example, if you are looking for a chemistry project for summer 2022, type 'summer 2022 chemistry' into the search bar.

Once you identify a potential project, send an email of interest to the faculty member listed. In the email, you should introduce yourself and tell the potential faculty mentor what you would like to do and when (spring/summer/fall semester). The faculty mentor will let you know about the next steps to apply to work on the project. Please note that contacting a faculty mentor from this data base is not a guarantee that you will work with them.

Name Department(s) Email Availability Research/ Creative Activity Topic Additional Information
Rhyannon Bemis Psychology Fall 2022 Memory Development in children ages 4-8 years
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Please email for an application and for more information about my research (
Alison Dewald Chemistry Fall 2022 Protein Biochemistry
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Research projects relating to protein biochemistry, especially outer membrane protein folding in liposomes, unknown enzyme function, or protein-silver ion interactions. Chemistry majors have first priority, and research students will enroll in Chem 210/310/403 for research course credit. You should complete Chem 122 before you begin. Biochemistry/ protein biochem experience isn't required - I am happy to teach you what you'll need to know. Please email me for more information!
Tim Werner Exercise Science Fall 2022 Exercise Physiology; Clinical Exercise Physiology
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My research examines the effects of diet and exercise on vascular physiology. My lab conducts 2-4 studies a year that yield many opportunities for conference presentations and manuscript publications for my student assistants. Our next two projects will examine the influences of fish oil supplements and CrossFit training on arterial stiffness.
Leonard Arvi Economics & Finance Fall 2022 Commercial real estate valuation
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Student must have completed FINA 311 with B or better. Excel skills required.
Elizabeth Ragan History Fall 2022 Research with Archaeology Collections
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If you are interested in doing research with archaeological artifacts or collections, please e-mail me to discuss volunteer or internship opportunities. Past student research has been presented at regional conferences as well as the SUSRC, and been important in getting jobs in field archaeology and museums, as well as getting into graduate programs.
Jennifer Cox Communication Fall 2022 Journalism, social media, media literacy
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Email me for application.
Alexander Pope PACE Fall 2022 Voting in Maryland
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This project involves either/both developing a visual “dashboard” of information related to voting habits in Maryland, and using that information to engage in discrete research studies such as: What resources Maryland voters use to learn about candidates, trends in voter registration and turnout, and forming suggestions to increase voter turnout.
Alexander Pope PACE Fall 2022 SU voter engagement
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This project would focus on understanding motives for SU students to register and vote. Data collected through tools such as TurboVote will help to examine trends on campus, resulting in presentation opportunities and potential program changes.
Jennifer Nyland Biological Sciences Fall 2022 Environmental Impacts to Biological Systems
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Students have the opportunity to work on projects either in the lab (cell culture or data analysis) or in the field under the general umbrella of environmental exposures. Special consideration given to students in Henson Honors Program.
Steven Binz Physics, Computer Science Fall 2022 Augmented Reality App Development
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Develop augmented reality applications to aid in student learning or research tasks. Projects can involve programming or 3D model creation. Primary devices used are HoloLens 1 and 2. Software tools used include Visual Studio, Blender, and Unity. Here are links for more details about mixed reality, mixed reality app development using Unity, and some of my past projects.
Alexander Pope Secondary & Physical Education Fall 2022 Education professional development
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Help identify and develop professional development programs, and disseminate those to social studies across Maryland. This will interface with the Maryland State Department of Education and Maryland Council for Social Studies. Funded for two semesters (spring and fall).
Joseph Anderson Computer Science Fall 2022 Convex Geometry, Optimization, and Machine Learning
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My work focuses on machine learning problems that use advanced statistical and geometric tools. Students will both work on analytical problems as well as write code to perform experiments. Applications of this research include signal processing, operations research, and finance. Recommended coursework and experience includes programming, calculus, statistics, and linear algebra.
David Keifer Chemistry Fall 2022 Analytical chemistry simulations
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Computational research related to analytical chemistry, particularly data analysis and mass spectrometry. Students will use commercial software and/or write their own computer code to conduct simulations on a variety of possible topics. No previous programming experience or knowledge in the field is required; I will help you learn the necessary background and skills. Chemistry majors have first priority. Research students will enroll in Chem 210/310/403 for research course credit. Please email me for more information or if you have questions!
Alexandria McCombs Geography & Geosciences Fall 2022 Carbon exchanges and micro-climates in agricultural and coastal regions, meteorological instrumentation NA
Cristina Cammarano Philosophy Fall 2022 Philosophy in Schools- Philosophy in Communities NA
Stephen Habay Chemistry Fall 2022 Synthetic Organic Chemistry
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Research projects related to organic synthesis, particularly heterocycles and alkaloid compounds. Chemistry majors will have first priority and students will enroll in CHEM 210/310/403 for course credit. Ideally, students will have completed CHEM 221 prior to the start of research. Interested students should email for more information.
Scott Mazzetti Exercise Science Fall 2022 Energy Expenditure with Resistance Exercise
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Joshua Sokoloski Chemistry Fall 2022 Fluorescence Measurement of Microenvironments including RNA Protocell Aggregates
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Here in the Sokoloski Lab, we use fluorescence to explore biochemical processes ranging from enzymatic reactions to RNA/peptide aggregates. Many fluorophores change their photophysical behavior depending upon the local environments they are experiencing. Fluorescent enhancement or quenching then be used to monitor binding of metal ions, macromolecule conformational changes during enzymatic reactions, or aggregation of multiple of macromolecules. One particular area of interest is to explore the possibility of RNA only / RNA-peptide aggregate protocells as a model of origin of life on Earth. Students in the lab learn a variety of techniques from cell culture, chromatographic separations, and spectroscopy. Any student with an interest in biochemistry, origin of life biology, or photophysics is encouraged to contact me with questions.
Noah Bressman Biological Sciences Fall 2022 Biomechanics, Functional Morphology, Animal Behavior, Scientific Art, Fish and Fish-related Research
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I have various fish and fish-related projects, mostly related to fish functional morphology, behavior, biomechanics, sensory biology, and fishing-related projects with a focus on invasive (i.e., blue catfish, northern snakeheads) and/or amphibious fishes (i.e., snakeheads, mummichogs, walking catfish). For local invasive species, such as blue catfish, we are looking at their feeding ecology to determine their effects on the aquatic ecosystems of the Delmarva Peninsula. We can use some help in the lab to assistant in catching lots of catfish and processing them to determine their age, growth rates, and stomach contents. For amphibious fishes, I am researching why they come onto land, how they move around and survive on land with the body of a fish, and where they go while on line (i.e., how they orient while on land). I have several fledgling projects related to this that could use some help, some of which could be led by undergraduate students. Additionally, I am open to starting new projects related to biomechanics, animal behavior, functional morphology, recreational fisheries, particularly of fish, but I am open to other study organisms. If you are interested in joining my lab and our research projects, please contact me at
Joshua Sokoloski, Seth Friese Chemistry,
Fall 2022 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel MRI Contrast Agents
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of modern medicine’s more powerful diagnostic tools. MRI scans involve the injection of a contrast agent that affects water molecules’ magnetic properties, providing sharper images for diagnosis. However, the most common gadolinium-based contrast agents used currently can have negative effects on patient health. In this joint project in the laboratories of Dr. Sokoloski and Dr. Friese, we seek to develop safer MRI contrast agents based on safer metals. Students with an interest in chemical synthesis will work with Dr. Friese to synthesize these contrast agents and attached them to short peptides. Students interested in biochemistry and biophysics will work with Dr. Sokoloski to purify protein targets for these contrast agent peptides and characterize the binding interactions. Positions on this project are open for Spring 2022, for Summer 2022 and beyond. If Interested, please contact either Dr. Seth Friese ( or Dr. Josh Sokoloski (
Karl Maier Psychology Fall 2022 Climate change/environmental issues, health psychology/behavioral medicine, complex systems
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I research a range of topics related to health and environment. This ranges from applying psychological concepts to health and environment to using computer science to develop knowledge in these areas. My research is inherently interdisciplinary, so I frequently work with students from various majors. Visit my website to learn more about the types of research I do, and to find an application if you would like to apply: Application can be found under Mentored Student Research:
Michele Schlehofer Psychology Fall 2022 LGBTQ+ Psychology
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I am an applied social/community psychologist who conducts community-based research from a social justice orientation.
Rachel Steele Psychology Fall 2022 Intergroup Relations & Prejudice Lab
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My lab explores the motivational and situational factors contributing to prejudice, especially racism.
Deeya Mitra Psychology Fall 2022 Emerging Adulthood(s), Life Choices, Mental Health, Culture, South Asia
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Please email me for an application.
Yuki Okubo Psychology Fall 2022 Accelerated Mentoring Program (AMP)
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For more information, visit Accelerated Mentor Program webpage Application open until April 4th, 2022 for AY 2022-23.
Christina Bradley Biological Sciences Fall 2022 Human influence on feeding in aquatic communities
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We are exploring sites along three rivers in Delmarva, collecting phytoplankton, zooplankton, and fish to look at their feeding relationships and how different human influences (agriculture, industry, housing) affect them.
Christina Bradley Biological Sciences Fall 2022 Jelly feeding under different environmental conditions
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This project would expose gelatinous zooplankton (ctenophores) to different environmental conditions (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen) and test how their feeding rates change.
Jason McCartney Psychology Fall 2022 Research on students' genetic attitudes and beliefs
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For Fall 2022- student would review literature and meet with faculty for discussion of primary articles. List of research interests: Nature-Nurture misconceptions, Genetic literacy and Attitudes, Epigenetic understanding Populations of interest: students taking science courses