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Congratulations on finding the Research and Creative Activity Directory! The purpose of this directory is to provide you with a listing of potential research/creative activity opportunities that you may search by department and the semester that you would like to work.

You may search by department and date. For example, if you are looking for a chemistry project for summer 2022, type 'summer 2022 chemistry' into the search bar.

Once you identify a potential project, send an email of interest to the faculty member listed. In the email, you should introduce yourself and tell the potential faculty mentor what you would like to do and when (spring/summer/fall semester). The faculty mentor will let you know about the next steps to apply to work on the project. Please note that contacting a faculty mentor from this data base is not a guarantee that you will work with them.

Name Department(s) Email Availability Research/ Creative Activity Topic Additional Information
Alison Dewald Chemistry Fall 2024 Biochemistry Researcher - Membrane Protein Folding
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Undergraduate research on outer membrane protein folding in liposomes. Students will learn recombinant protein expression & purification techniques, as well as SDS-PAGE and fluorescent spectroscopy. Chem majors given first consideration.
Yuki Okubo Psychology Fall 2024 Impact of COVID-19 on mental health professionals, Race Dialogues
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In Racism & Coping Research Team, we engage in qualitative inquiries on psychological issues. We are currently working on a several research projects such as studies examining the impact of COVID-19 on mental health professionals, and how people engage in race dialogues (conversations about race, race relations, racism, and racial identities), as well as engaging in activities to disseminate empirically supported information to others (e.g., libguide on qualitative research, having conversation hours on diversity related topics). Students who can commit to multiple semesters are preferred.
Ricardo Vazquez Modern Languages: Spanish Fall 2024 Latino Experiences in Delmarva (podcast)
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Latino experiences in Delmarva is a podcast where we interview students, professors, staff and community members about the cultural, linguistic and social diversity that the Latino communities brings to the Eastern Shore. It doesn't matter if you are Latinx or not, nor if you speak Spanish, Creole, English or any other language. If you want to share your experience related to this communities and how they have transformed our university, the city and the entire area, contact me to keep up to date with the Latino experiences in Delmarva. Experiencias Latinas en Delmarva es un podcast donde entrevistamos a estudiantes, profesores, trabajadores y miembros de la comunidad sobre la diversidad cultural, lingüística y social que las comunidades latinas traen al Eastern Shore. No importa si eres latinx o no, ni si hablas español, creole, inglés o cualquier otra lengua. Si quieres compartir tu experiencia relacionada con estas comunidades y cómo han transformado nuestra universidad, la ciudad y toda el área ponte en contacto conmigo para seguir contando las Experiencias Latinas en Delmarva. Latino Experiences in Delmarva se yon podcast kote nou fè entèvyou ak elèv, pwofesè, travayè, ak manm kominote yo sou divèsite kiltirèl, lengwistik ak sosyal kominote Latino yo pote nan Eastern Shore. Li pa enpòtan si ou Latinx oswa ou pa, ni si ou pale Panyòl, Kreyòl, Angle oswa nenpòt lòt lang. Si ou vle pataje eksperyans ou ki gen rapò ak kominote sa yo ak fason yo te transfòme inivèsite nou an, vil la ak tout zòn nan, kontakte m 'pou kontinye rakonte Latino Experiences in Delmarva.
Zachary Townsend Exercise Science Fall 2024, Spring 2025 Health Aspects of Physical Activity/Exercise Science
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Please email for additional information regarding upcoming projects/how to get involved.
Tim Werner Exercise Science Fall 2024, Spring 2025 Clinical Exercise Physiology
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Our lab examines the influences of exercise on disease. We are currently investigating the effects of blood flow restriction training on vascular health.
Shane Hall Environmental Studies Spring 2025, Summer 2025 Environmental Justice, Environmental Racism, Climate Politics and Culture
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I am open to working with students interested in independent or directed research in the areas of environmental inequality broadly and environmental racism more specifically, as well how climate change is represented is literature and popular culture.
Rachel Steele Psychology Fall 2024 Intergroup Relations & Prejudice Lab
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I conduct both quantitative and qualitative psychological research. Recent projects have examined racism and anti-LGBTQ+ bias. For more information, see: Rachel Steele Profile Please email me to inquire no later than April 1, 2024. Earlier is better!
Michele Schlehofer Psychology Fall 2024, Spring 2025 LGBTQ+ Psychology
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Looking to bring on one or two students to conduct research with me on LGBTQ+ concerns. I have some existing data from a qualitative study of experiences of campus life that I am working with. I may also start a new study.
Jessica Heimann Chemistry Summer 2024, Fall 2024 Inorganic Chemistry/Art Conservation Science
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My lab uses a combined experimental and computational approach to understand the chemical mixtures and spectroscopic properties of works of art. Students will explore a class of pigments known as lake pigments, which are coordination compounds prepared by precipitating organic dye molecules with inorganic salts. We aim to understand the effect of the inorganic salt on the pigment properties. Students not only gain hands-on experience using advanced characterization techniques and high-performance computing, but also delve into the history books to learn the traditional methods of pigment and paint preparation. Please contact me for more information.
Keota Silaphone Chemistry Spring 2023, Summer 2023, Fall 2023, Spring 2024 Water quality monitoring
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My primary research interests involve water quality, land use, land management practices, and GIS applications. I'm working to establish long-term water quality monitoring in Schumaker Pond. To compliment water quality monitoring, a comprehensive study of the watershed will include an assessment of land use and additional opportunities for monitoring surface and groundwater flow. Students interested in working on this project should work well with others, be comfortable navigating waters in a tandem kayak, and be willing to learn how to test water samples and analyze data in the field, lab, and via software including GIS, R, and Microsoft products. Interested students seeking funding should submit an application via the Guerrieri Foundation Henson Summer Research Program. Please contact me at with any further questions.
Joshua Sokoloski Chemistry Summer 2024, Fall 2024, Spring 2025, Summer 2025 Biophysics and Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids
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My lab looks at the biochemistry of RNA and DNA. We use fluorescent techniques to explore how RNA and DNA interact with metal ions and proteins in order to develop assays for human disease. We also look at chemistry of nucleotides and nucleic acids under early Earth conditions to study the origin of life on this planet.
Shuangquan Wang Computer Science Spring 2024 AI model for human activity recognition
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My work focuses on developing lightweight, high-performance, and robust artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to recognize diverse activities through mobile and wearable devices and provide smart health-related services to the public.
Echo Leaver Psychology Summer 2024, Fall 2024, Spring 2025, Summer 2025 Applied and Cognitive Neuroscience
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Contact Dr. Leaver for more details.
Angela Freeman Biological Sciences Spring 2024 Flying squirrel neuroscience and behavior
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Our lab is seeking motivated students who want to learn more about neuroscience and behavior to join us. We are trying to understand why flying squirrels co-nest, and how this social behavior evolved in this species. Interested students should email a short statement of interest (why you want to conduct research) a resume or CV with relevant courses taken to NSF Awards SUs Freeman 480K for Flying Squirrel Research