Laridae - Undergraduate Research Journal

Laridae, the Latin name for the family of birds that includes seagulls, features published works from undergraduate students across campus.

In fall 2019, Salisbury University celebrated the launch of the first undergraduate student research journal in its history: Laridae. Created to complement and highlight the great works produced by SU’s undergraduate student body, Laridae is a vehicle for the dissemination of new knowledge and perspectives across Salisbury’s campus.

Laridae Undergraduate Student Editorial Board Members (2019-2020)

  • Founder: Abiodun Adeoye
  • Editor-in-Chief: Harrison Leon
  • Arts and Humanities Section Editor: Tara Ward
  • Professional Works Section Editors: Austin Dabbs & Harrison Leon
  • Social Sciences Section Editors: Kateria Rodriquez & Abiodun Adeoye
  • Sciences Section Editors: Maggie Giggey & Austin Dabbs
  • Copy Editor: Melissa Marsh