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Educational Sessions

Educational Sessions

The SUccess24 Conference will offer 25+ education sessions on topics related to the following tracks:

  • Leadership
  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Student Success

Current session topics include (and more to come!):

  • Retention of LGBTQ+ Students: Seeing and Supporting a Unique Population
  • Being Proactive vs Reactive: Early Recognition of Student Deficiency to Overcome Weaknesses and Assure Success through Faculty Coaching
  • Lost in the Sauce: Navigating the Mixed Advising Model
  • Engaging Ideas: Practical tips to create a student success workshop series
  • First Flights: Launching a First-Gen Program in 6 Months
  • Are you a WOO? How about a Type 9? Or maybe an ISTJ? Utilizing Personality Strengths in Developing a Strong Team
  • Unlocking Potential: Navigating the Road to Student Success
  • Unlocking Potential: The Power of Strategic Enrollment Planning and Data-Informed Campus Culture for SEM
  • Festival Latino Recruitment Event
  • Leadership development in tumultuous times: Values-based leadership in student success
  • Leverage the power of surveys to pinpoint evolving challenges and better meet incoming student needs
  • Building Bridges to Student Success: Implementing and Scaling Academic Advocacy Programs to Increase Retention and Graduation
  • From the ground up: Building a supportive infrastructure for recruitment and retention
  • Navigating Tomorrow: Exploring Emerging Trends in Higher Education
  • Putting Your "Supervision Plan" into Action
  • From Fail to Sail: Using National Fellowships to help At-Risk Students Lead and Succeed on campus
  • Potentials of Cultural Diversity, Student Recognition, and Feeling of Belonging for Retention
  • Becoming a Leader in Enrollment Management
  • Student Support 102: Holistic student development through wellness and self-advocacy
  • Alternatives to Academic Suspension: The Academic Renewal Program
  • Giving Students Credits for Success: Corequisite Tutoring Courses as Post-Pandemic Intervention
  • Shifting Perspectives: Mental Health and Higher Ed...now what?
  • The Social Media Survival Guide: University Edition
  • A Review of the Comunidad and Umoja Scholars Program

The educational sessions will include a variety of formats including featured speakers, and break-out sessions. Break-out session formats include:

  1. Roundtable/Panel Discussion-Facilitated discourse on a topic of interest
  2. Workshop-practical opportunity for attendees to learn and apply or practice a skill, strategy, tool, or technique.
  3. Presentation-demonstration, instructional, or informational session.

Are you interested in presenting to your colleagues on a topic that would benefit others? Do you want to put together a round table opportunity for folks to share ideas and engage with others? Do you have a dissertation topic related to student success that you could present on? Are you interested in presenting at a smaller conference before hitting the big stage at another conference? Now is your time!

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Looking forward to meeting you there.

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