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SI Faculty Resources

Faculty are an instrumental and important part of Supplemental Instruction at Salisbury University. Without you, the SI program would not be as successful as it is today. We consistently look to faculty and staff to give feedback and implement new initiatives at the Center for Student Achievement. Thank you for your continued support of the Supplemental Instruction program and Salisbury University’s students!

To learn more about the SI model and how SU's SI program is coordinated read the program overview.

To learn more about the faculty's role within the SI program please read the SI Faculty Guide.

What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a learning enhancement program designed to organize and improve ways in which students prepare for class outside of class. The SI program targets traditionally difficulty academic subjects, those that have a high rate of D or F grades or withdrawals. SI provides regularly scheduled, out of class, peer facilitated sessions led by SI leaders. SI leaders are model students, nominated by faculty, who have demonstrated an appropriate model of thinking, organization and mastery of the discipline. SI leaders attend all class sessions; take notes, read all assigned material and facilitate a total of 3 hours of SI sessions each week. SI sessions integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn. National research indicates that SI students earn higher subject grades and withdraw less often than non-SI participants (UMKC, 2006).

Purpose of SI

  • To increase student retention within targeted historically difficult courses.
  • To improve student grades in targeted historically difficult courses.
  • To increase the graduation rates of students.
  • To improve student connections with faculty and other students.

Syllabus Statement

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered for this course and provides you with the opportunity to attend up to 3 hours of structured study sessions per week. SI sessions are facilitated by an undergraduate student who has taken this course and excelled in the course material. Your SI leader will facilitate discussions and activities that encourage you to practice, discuss, and ask questions about the most recent lecture material. Your SI leader will give you the days and times of each session.  You can also find more information about your SI leader and session information at the SI homepage, or by stopping by the Center for Student Achievement (Academic Commons 270).