Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a TOEFL score required for admission?

International applicants who are non-native speakers of English should present a TOEFL score of at least 550 points (paper based test), or 79 (internet based test).

2. Does Salisbury University provide an English as a Second Language program?

YES. Please view the English Language Institute website for additional information.

3. Is the International Baccalaureate recognized at Salisbury University?

Yes! Students who receive grades 4, 5, 6, or 7 in the Higher Level examinations may receive maximum of one full year of credit.

4. What majors does Salisbury University offer?

For a list of Undergraduate majors, please view Academic Programs.

For a list of graduate majors, please view Graduate Study.

5. Can I change my major after admission?

Yes, by completing a "Change of Major" form. Please be aware, however, that some majors have minimum requirements.

6. What are the admissions deadlines for international students?

We prefer to have all forms and documentation in the Admissions office by March 1 for fall (September) and October 1 for spring (end of January). We will, however, continue to admit international students as long as class space is available.

7. Do I need to have my transcript translated?

Yes. A professional course-by-course evaluation of all foreign transcript(s) is required. This professional evaluation will determine your academic level within the American system of education. You will be required to pay the cost associated with obtaining the evaluation; the cost is approximately $100-150 USD. The following credential service has been approved by Salisbury University: World Education Services (

8. Do you transfer credits from a college or university in my home country?

Yes. If you are attending a college or a university in your home country, and if you provide a course-by-course evaluation, all appropriate course work will be applied to your degree at SU.

9. Do I have to take the SAT?

No. However, eligibility for academic scholarship consideration requires a minimum 1600 combined SAT score.

10. How can I obtain a student visa (F-1) to attend SU?

If you are admitted to Salisbury University and return your Acceptance Form, you will be sent an I-20 with a copy of your Declaration of Finances. You will then need to go to the United States embassy or consulate where you live and request an F-1 visa.

11. Can I work while attending SU?

Click here for DHS guidelines in the International Student Handbook.

12. What are the realistic costs to attend SU?

The SU's Confidential Declaration of Finances form meets DHS requirements that you document enough funding to cover the maximum cost you may experience. The only amount you actually pay to SU is tuition/fees/books and room/board (if you choose to live on campus). Don't forget to consider other costs such as:

  • transportation
  • communication (phone calls)
  • clothes
  • personal expenses (cosmetics, hair cuts, letters and postage)
  • recreation
  • travel taxes