Usage Restrictions

General Guidelines

  1. All users shall follow the Salisbury University Acceptable Use Policy
  2. Any research, usage, or implementation of any form of currency or peer-to-peer technology (such as, but not limited to: BitCoin, BitTorrent, the TOR Network) must have prior approval from the relevant department chair, the Henson Dean, and the Henson HPCL Administrator. This restriction does not apply to mesh networks created in the normal use of a clustered computer environment, such as, but not limited to MPI or Hadoop networks.
  3. Excessive use of storage capacity (>50GB of storage) should be coordinated with HPCL Support to ensure that service interruptions do not occur.
  4. Any discovered exploits or vulnerabilities in Henson systems should be immediately reported to both HPCL Support and the Henson Dean's Office.

HPCL Guideline

  1. Compute jobs should be scheduled between the hours of 5PM and 8AM on Monday to Friday, and may be scheduled for any time during the weekend. This means that the longest stretch of time schedulable in the HPCL is 5PM Friday evening to 8AM Monday morning, a duration of 2 days 15 hours.
  2. Testing of parallel jobs in the HPCL is limited to 5 computers. Testing should be performed with explicit node lists (Slurm's –nodefile or –nodelist options for sbatch and srun) or by limiting the number of processes per node. Testing across multiple nodes should be limited to verifying cross-computer performance, and should not be performed in the case that testing on multiple cores of a single node would be acceptable, such as algorithm verification or environment related testing.
  3. Use of the HPCL shall not in any way disrupt other users, scheduled classes or events.