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Current Fellows

2016-2017 Faculty Fellows:

Dr. Claire Snyder-Hall

Dr. Snyder-Hall is an independent scholar working on a book about her experiences in state politics. Her project focuses on linking her knowledge of democratic theory and civic engagement with her aforementioned experiences. Her research question is: "What happens when a democratic theory professor decides to run for state senate?" Before moving to Delaware, she was an Associate Professor of political theory at George Mason University for 12 years, and has since been involved in state politics. Her belief is that civic engagement needs to be a central idea in electoral politics. Through her autoethnography, she hopes to answer her research question and provide background as to why civic engagement needs to be a central component in politics. Her book will take readers from her classroom to her campaign for state senate to her view on the role of parties.

Dr. Diallo Sessoms

Dr. Sessoms comes to us from the Teacher Education Department at Salisbury University. His project will focus "on the global/ local community perspective with respect to civic engagement". His research question focuses on: "How civic engagement can influence the way a culture might internalize the idea of education transforming their way of life." After growing up and experiencing individuals not recognizing education as an option for change in their lives, Dr. Sessoms has focused on teaching others that education is a way to improve one's own life and the lives of others. Dr. Sessoms now has a distinct interest in understanding how civic engagement can also be used as a tool for transforming the global community.

Dr. Jennifer R. Jewell

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Dr. Jewell is an Associate Professor of Social Work and Director of the Bachelor's of Arts in Social Work program. She is hoping to implement civic engagement in her SOWK 330: Social Welfare Policy Practice: Analyst and Advocate course. The course strives to prepare "students to participate in the policy making process, integrating both policy analytical and formulation skills, as well as understanding the methods and strategies for advocating for policy change and new policies". Her goal for civic engagement involves teaching her SOWK at Eastern Correctional Institution for 3.5 hours a week. The hope is that her students will be able to actively participate in discourse and debates about the criminal justice system, analyze social policy related to the criminal justice system, and ultimately write letters to papers and legislators. She is hoping to bring communities together through this project, especially those who may not always have a voice in public policies. Dr. Jewell's course is expected to run Spring 2017.

Dr. Chrys Egan

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Dr. Egan joins us from the Communication Arts Department at Salisbury University. She is hoping to continue working to add components to her CMAT 430: Political Communication course. The course explores "government structures, political organizations, culture, media, education, and political philosophies". It also dives into "civic engagement, grass-roots efforts, activism, community building, social influence, and personal responsibility". Her goal is to achieve real solutions to political issues through analyzing needs and applying evidence and resources. She also has a strong to desire to work with the community. Dr. Egan's passion for civic engagement can be found in CMAT 297: Communication Research and in CMAT 430: Political Communication.

2016-2017 Graduate Fellow:

Matt Swiderski

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Matt Swiderski serves as a Graduate Research Fellow for PACE. In this role he co-coordinates “Political Discourse Series: Keeping Your Cool When Discussing Hot Issues” with Abigail Horton. Swiderski previously served as a Graduate Assistant for PACE working to assist in the establishment of PACE’s Civic Engagement Across The Curriculum (CEAC) program. In addition to his work with PACE Swiderski has held a position as a gradate assistant in Salisbury University’s Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution. Swiderski received his M.A. and B.A. from Salisbury University in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution and plans on enrolling in a PhD program to begin fall 2017.

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