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Celebration of Great Composers

About the Program

The Celebration of Great Composers has become a great SU tradition that gives local piano students from elementary to high school age the opportunity to perform on the Steinway concert piano at Salisbury University, Great Hall of Holloway Hall. Founded by music faculty member Luba Paskova in 2006, the series originated as a way to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth. The concert series is a great opportunity to bring young pianists to SU’s Concert Hall and gives them the unforgettable experience of public performance. In addition to learning about a variety of composers, students also gain experience in understanding concert etiquette and audience participation. This series serves as a fundraiser for Salisbury University Performing Arts Fund. The annual event is open to the public, a donation of $5.00 is recommended at the door.

From Russia with Music: Beautiful Stories and Heritage of Russian Composers

From Russia with Music poster

  • Slogan: Celebrate Heritage of Russian Music with local young pianist and our special guest, Juilliard Graduate Composer, Pianist, and Teacher from Philadelphia Kat Souponetsky.
  • Performers: Local students (intermediate - advanced)
  • Special Guest and Performer: Russian Composer  KAT SOUPONETSKY
  • Date and Time:  April 14th, 2019, two sessions:   2pm and 4pm.
  • Place: Great Hall of Holloway Hall, SU

Kat Souponetsky short bio:

Composer and pianist, Kat Souponetsky, is a graduate of The Juilliard School, Curtis Institute of Music, and Manhattan School of Music. Her works have been performed and broadcasted across the globe, including U.S.A., Europe, Russia, and Australia. As a solo pianist, Kat was a winner of the MTNA State Piano Competition and DownBeat Magazine Student Music Awards while still in high school. She has performed her own works at respected venues such as Chamber Music Northwest where she was the first young composer-in-residence, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Curtis Summerfest, Fontainebleau Schools, and Atlantic Music Festival among others. When not composing for the concert stage, she actively teaches piano, composition and music theory. Her goal is to inspire students to love music as much as she does, while nurturing their enthusiasm to practice piano. She uses an innovative and fun approach to teaching her piano lessons through her own self-published books and compositions. Over the last few years, her "Original Piano Solos" books have been selling internationally, inspiring hundreds of students to grow as musicians.

A Passionate and true talent!
John Corigliano Academy Award-winning composer
...quick-witted, tightly constructed and ruefully introspective, with propulsive, sometimes jazzy rhythms and suave textures.
The Oregonian

More information about the event:

The Celebration of Great Composers series was originated in 2006 as a way to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Mozart’s birth. Being a part of the Music Department Outreach Program, the concert series is a great opportunity to bring young pianists to SU’s Concert Hall and gives them the unforgettable experience of public performance. The annual event is open to the public.

For the last two years we were fortunate to accommodate guest composers like Viktoriia Babaeva from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and Jeffrey Chappell from Washington DC. Meeting with a live composer always creates a huge impact on local piano students and the audience. It gives young people tremendous motivation and inspiration for further studying.

American Composers: Classical Meets Jazz was a great success!

Renowned concertizing pianist & composer Jeffrey Chappell spent an April 2018 weekend at Salisbury University, culminating in his performance as a featured composer and special guest performer for "Celebration of the Great Composers: Classical Meets Jazz." Students at all levels - beginner to advanced - demonstrated great dedication and seriousness. It is a joy to see how these children grow in maturity, self-confidence and talent each year. Many of these students have achieved RCCP certification. Mr. Chappell had a thoughtful, comprehensive approach as many students performed his works in recital. Two students impressed us by playing their own compositions and arrangements, after which, Mr. Chappell graciously gave them individual private feedback. Before he performed some of his own advanced compositions, Mr. Chappell gave his sage viewpoint on performance: "Every performance is just a rehearsal for the next time you perform the piece."

(Performance review written by Kara Dahl Russell)

Thanks to all who participated:

  • Jeffrey Moyer, student of Timea Bodi.
  • Evan Marlowe, Frankie Nanna, Brooke Ranney, students of Carole Lohmann.
  • Gia Bautista, Ava Bautista, Rosy Gao, Hannah Hoang, Gary Hoehler, Marvin Li, Grace Pettitt, Emily Righter, Sara Sadjadi, Morgan Schoch, Riley Schoch, Christy Sun, Erin Welch, Katerina Yiannouris, students of Luba Paskova.
  • Elizabeth Lonsdale, Emma Skweres, students of Sharon Lonsdale.
  • Robbie Ogburn, student of Ryan Ogburn.
  • Ted Donahue, Siddharth Ghosh, Gourav Korada, Isabell Long, Aarna Lulla, Krisha Lulla, Ryder Myrick, Wyatt Myrick, Alana Troxell, Chloe Walker, Megan Waller, students of Susan Upton.

Previous Concerts:

  • 2006: Mozart at 250
  • 2007: Immortal Spirit of Beethoven
  • 2009: Bach - The Dynasty and Legacy
  • 2010: Schumann Meets Chopin
  • 2011: Lisztomania
  • 2012: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Poetry & Passion
  • 2013: Verdi, Wagner: A Day at the Opera
  • 2014: Viva Sonata!
  • 2016: Mozart at 260
  • 2017: Women Composers: Genius is Gender Blind
  • 2018: American Composers: Classical Meets Jazz