Piano Guild Auditions

About the Program

The Piano Guild, as we are called (a division of the American College of Musicians), was founded in 1929 by Dr. Irl Allison. Since that time, the Guild has grown to more than 850 audition centers where thousands of students enroll annually in piano auditions, which are held throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Salisbury University's Music Department is proud to host the National Piano Guild Auditions. The program was established in the early 1980's by SU professor Dr. Linda Cockey, who also served as the first chairperson. Since then, the Salisbury Center has grown in numbers of enrolled students and teachers. In December 2001, Luba Paskova, presently an adjunct professor in the Music Department, was appointed acting chairperson of the Salisbury Center. Currently, there are more than 100 young pianists from the Eastern Shore that audition every spring. Some of them have become students at Salisbury University or have already graduated with a music diploma.

With the Piano Guild Auditions, students play against a standard of excellence and do not compete with other students. To this regard, the audition serves as an annual musical “check-up” under an outside adjudicator. The auditions acknowledge student progress and encourage students of all ages to continue with their piano studies.

There are several levels at which a student can enter based on the level of music presented in weekly lessons. IT IS NOT BASED ON GRADE LEVEL. An enrollment fee is involved which covers the cost of the judge, diploma, report card and the pin which is received by every student achieving a passing mark.

Programs are flexible and include repertoire as well as technical goals (musicianship phases). A variety of programs are available in which students can enroll:

  • Memorized Programs
    Students of all levels may perform anywhere from one to twenty pieces
  • Hobbyist
    Unmemorized programs--students of all levels may perform anywhere from one to eight pieces
  • Jazz Programs
    Students of all levels may perform anywhere from one to twenty pieces memorized, or one to eight pieces unmemorized
  • Duet/Duo Programs
    Students of all levels may perform anywhere from one to three pieces
  • Ensemble Programs
    Students of all levels may perform one piece
  • Social Music
  • Special Medal Programs
    Sonatina, Sonata, Early Bach, Advanced Bach
  • Diploma Programs
    High School, Collegiate, and Young Artist
  • International Composition Contest
    Beginning composers through advanced levels compete for cash awards

All piano teachers are required to become members before submitting students for auditions. Application is here

For more information about the program, membership and registration, please check the Piano Guild website or contact Salisbury Center Chairperson Luba Paskova at lapaskova@salisbury.edu


  • Group Photo of pianio students
  • Girl standing against while holding certificate
  • Two students next to piano and instructor

Catherine Huey Student:

  • Mary Sigrist (Guild Founders Medal)

Sharon Lonsdale Students:

  • Elizabeth Lonsdale
  • Dalton Tingle

Lyubov Paskova Anderson Students from Salisbury, MD.

  • Ava Bautista (6-year National Winner)
  • Stephen Carlton-Jones (2-year National Winner)
  • Kaitlyn Danielraj (National Winner)
  • Areti Dhima
  • Rosy Gao (3-year National Winner)
  • Amir Hassanein
  • Peter Jin (3-year National Winner)
  • Lulla Aarna
  • Luciana Masone
  • Ashley Park (National Winner)
  • Henna Parmar
  • Priay Parmar
  • Jeremy Quan
  • Morgan Schoch
  • Riley Schoch (6-year National Winner)
  • Erin Welch (7-year National Winner)

Susan Upton Students from Delmar, MD

  • Valentina Demi’ Cipollone
  • Frederick "Ted" Donahue (5-year National Winner)
  • Gavin Donaldson
  • Victoria Grigoryeva (National Winner)
  • Makena Hasbrouck (3-year National Winner)
  • Victoria B. Hobbs (2-year National Winner)
  • Isabel Long
  • Joseph W. Long
  • Noah McCoy
  • Quinn McDowell
  • Ryder Myrick
  • Dawid Pawlowski (National Winner)
  • Miralena Smith (2-year National Winner)
  • Benjamin Minh Tang
  • Julia Grace VanMeter (3-year National Winner)