Salisbury University students on campus

Student Advisory Board - AY’ 2023-2024

The College of Health & Human Services Student Advisory Board (SAB) consist of student representation from each of the College’s three schools: Health Sciences, Nursing and Social Work. The role of the SAB is to promote the mission, vision, and values of the College by:

  • Encouraging and supporting their student peers in their academic and professional goals.
  • Serving as student liaisons between the College and prospective students, families, guests, alumni, and community partners.
  • Exemplifying the College by assisting with outreach efforts and campus-wide events throughout the academic year.

 Juan Adames Jr Juan Adames Jr.

Hello everyone! My name is Juan Adames Jr. and I am currently a Senior for the 2022-23 school year at Salisbury University, majoring in nursing. I chose nursing as I strive to help those in need and to be a part of the positive change in healthcare.I hope to excel as a nurse and providecultural, professional, and ethical competency. I am a member of National Student Nursing Association, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, and Vice President of the Student Government Association. At Salisbury, I serve as the senior board member on the Nursing Student Policies Committee and as a student advisory board member for the College of Health & Human Services. Furthermore, I am an active member in the community advocating forstudents in marginalized populations majoring in healthcare.I currently work at theLucy Tull Skills Laboratorywhere I enjoyteaching nursing students various skills and ensuring they are prepared to perform them in the hospital. Lastly, I serve as a Resident Assistant on campus where I help aid freshmenin adapting to college and ensuring they are fully equipped to succeed. Please reach out to me if you like to learn more about the Nursing program or SU clubs/organizations!

 Emmanuela Angu Emmanuela Angu

Hello, my name is Emmanuela Angu, I am a senior in the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program with minors in biology and chemistry. I chose this major because I want a career where I am constantly learning something new or even just different derivatives of what I already know. Given the complexity of the human body and its inner-workings, I think a career as a medical laboratory science will be perfect for me and it might pave the way for other possibilities. I would recommend this program to any prospective students interested in graduate school because I think that the intensity of the program and the medically relevant information will help them gain perspective on which graduate program they wish to pursue.

Outside of the program, I engage in a diverse range of activities: I act as a member of the planning committee of the Relay for Life of Salisbury University and as an active member of the Medical Careers Society (MCS). I volunteer at the Halo Café whenever I can, and I like to do long distance runs. I also work as a Library Service Desk assistant at the Guerrieri Academic Commons. Feel free to reach out with any questions or just to talk!

 Zoey Diskin Zoey Diskin

Hi everyone! My name is Zoey Diskin, and I am currently a senior in the Social Work program. I transferred to Salisbury University after receiving my associate degree in addiction counseling. I hope to further my education by obtaining my master's degree in social work. I chose the social work profession because it is a career path that has many opportunities for specializations and the possibility of making a positive impact within our local community. I love volunteering at local drug awareness and prevention events throughout Salisbury, and I am a member of the mindfulness club. Let me know if you would like to know more about the social work program!

 Nayelis Gonzalez Sanchez Nayelis Gonzalez Sanchez

Hi! My name is Nayelis Gonzalez Sanchez and I am a senior in the Medical Lab Science (MLS) program. I chose MLS because I was interested in the microscopic aspect of medicine. MLS has a little bit of everything, from understanding how pathologies affect testing methods to how treatments can be guided through lab values. Lab science is truly an interesting subject and helps bring together many disciplines of science. I also feel the impact MLS has on medicine is immense, but it is not a very well-known career. I hope to bring more awareness to MLS and all that it can provide. When I’m not studying for MLS, I am usually working as a student MT at Atlantic General Hospital in Berlin where I’ve gained an early exposure to the career field. I am also a member of Medical Career Society and volunteer at the Village of Hope. I love to read, and I have a passion for photography. I’m also currently in the middle of my medical school application cycle so I am here for any questions regarding MLS or applying to med school!

 Jamie Kost Jamie Kost

Hi, I am Jamie Kost, a senior in the Public Health program with minors in Psychology and Disability Studies. Public Health works at the community level to prevent the spread of disease and promote healthy behaviors.I chose Public Health as my major because I enjoy the positive impact it has on the community. I also chose this as my major because I want to help people on a more personal level by pursuing a career in occupational therapy. I am in Eta Sigma Gamma (executive board), a Psi Chi, a Phi Kappa Phi, Clarke Honors College member, play club field hockey, and am a university host. My honors thesis was accepted to be presented at the European Public Health Conference in Dublin, Ireland in November 2023! I have also studied abroad in Portugal through the public health program and highly recommend this opportunity to others in the program! Let me know if you any questions regarding the Public Health program!

 SU Seal Andrew Landry (photo not available)

Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Landry, and I’m currently a Senior at Salisbury University majoring in Health Science with a minor in Biology. I also am a student in the Clarke - Bellavance Honors College. I started off in the School of Nursing, but ultimately decided that I wanted to pursue a career in radiology and diagnostic imaging. Likewise, I am an aspiring Pediatric Echocardiographer. In my opinion, the heart is the coolest organ in the body, as it always moving, changing, and is arguably the most important! I have been a Team Captain for Salisbury University’s Relay for Life campaign, as well as the President for a student club. Last year, I helped to start a chapter for The Hidden Opponent, a mental health advocacy/awareness club for student-athletes. Currently, I’m a senior captain on the men’s ice hockey team. I’ve interned as a Medical Assistant and have worked in the TidalHealth Patient Transport department. In fact, I am looking to intern in the Echo Lab this coming Spring! Back home, I am a youth hockey coach where I’ve been teaching since 7 th grade! I am looking forward to a great year serving on the CHHS Student Advisory Board and ultimately enjoying my last semester at SU.

Hannah Mills Hannah Mills (photo not available)

Hi! My name is Hannah Mills and I am a senior in the Nursing program at Salisbury University. I enjoy working in the skills labs for the Nursing program and assisting other nursing students with their skills. After I graduate, I want to be a pediatric nurse to combine my love for children and interest in healthcare. Out of school, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, traveling, and cuddling with my cat, Snooki! Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

Kaylee Schultz Kaylee Schultz

Hi everyone! My name is Kaylee Schultz, and I am from Hagerstown, Maryland. I am currently a senior in the Public Health program with a minor in Psychology. Public health has always been something that has caught my attention, as it is involved in a variety of different aspects and settings. Public health is a field dedicated to improving and protecting the health and well-being of communities, populations, and society as a whole. It focuses on preventing diseases, promoting healthy behaviors, and addressing health disparities. Public health has also been a great gateway for my passion in occupational therapy, as it has helped me gain a lot of experience in a variety of settings, as well as explore health in a deeper meaning. I am also the Secretary of Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG), which is the national health honor society at Salisbury. ESG is a great organization that advocates and networks all aspects of public health in a variety of ways. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding the public health program!

 Alexandra Slovikosky Alexandra Slovikosky

Hi! My name is Alex Slovikosky, and I am a senior at Salisbury University. I am in the Social Work program and hope to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. After graduation, I hope to further my education in Salisbury University’s Master of Social Work program. I hope to eventually work with individuals with special needs and become an advocate for disability rights. I chose this career path because of my passion for people and desire to aid individuals in their journey toward becoming their best selves. I am also involved with several clubs and organizations, such as Young Life, Cru Club, Outdoor Club, and Best Buddies. I loved my time at Salisbury University and am excited to see what the future may hold!I’ll be happy to talk with you about the Social Work program.

 Sophie Smith Sophie Smith

Hey y'all! My name is Sophie Smith, I am a current senior in the Respiratory Therapy (RT) program and I’m from Cecil County, MD. I chose SU because this is the only university in the state offering an RT program at the bachelor's level, which made my decision quite simple. I chose RT because I knew I wanted to go into healthcare, and I love the number of different specializations this field offers. After I graduate, I want to go to graduate school to get my master's in cardiopulmonary perfusion. Outside of the program, I am president of the Respiratory Therapy Club, a member of Girls on Top of the World (a community service organization), a University Host, and also serve on the Admissions Student Advisory Board. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to know more about respiratory therapy!

 Karoline SorrellKaroline Sorrell

Hi! My name is Karoline Sorrell, and I am a senior in the Public Health program. I transferred here last fall after earning my associate's degree in public health. After graduating with my bachelor's degree, my goal is to get a master's in public health. My primary reason for choosing public health was my love for helping people and working with others, but also because of its interdisciplinary nature, encompassing things like epidemiology, sociology, environmental health, etc. I am a member of Girls on Top of the World, a volunteer organization on campus, the vice president of Eta Sigma Gamma, and the Outreach and Education Coordinator for Project K.I.S.S. (Keep it Sexually Safe). Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the public health program!

SU Seal Mia Stott  (photo not available)

My name is Mia Stott,and I am a senior at Salisbury University and I am from Columbia, Maryland. I am majoring in Exercise Science and earning minors in Psychology and Sports Medicine. I chose to be an Exercise Science major, as I loved the hands-on experience the major provided and that the curriculum included classes rooted heavily in science and research, building exercise programs, and clinical-based classes. I am applying to Physical Therapy school and feel that all of my classes are relevant to what I want to do. I am the secretary of CHAARG, a women's wellness and fitness organization. I enjoy helping others find new ways to work out and offering different workout classes. I am also the President of the Exercise Science Club, which helps exercise science students learn about careers and graduate school. Let me know if you have any questions about the Exercise Science, CHAARG, or the Exercise Science Club!

 Amber Whittaker Amber Whittaker

I am Amber Whittaker , an Exercise Science major with a minor in Chemistry in my senior year here at Salisbury University. Although I initially started as a Biology major in my freshman year, I saw the benefit of switching to an area of study that focused more on the impacts that physical activity and movement have on real people; I am able to better apply my knowledge to the population that I hope to work with in the future as a medical professional. On campus, I am active as a lead research assistant of the Laboratory for Human Performance (LHP), President of the Honors Student Association (HSA), a General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry tutor for the Chemistry Help Center (HS105), and Research Fellow for the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (OURCA). Off campus, I work at TidalHealth Peninsula Regional as a Certified Nursing Assistant; what a wonderful experience it’s been! As a proud member of the CHHS Advisory Board, I am always happy to answer questions that you may have about the school and program. Please reach out if you would like to chat!