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Salisbury University students on campus

Center for Healthy Communities

Our Mission

The Center for Healthy Communities endeavors to positively impact our community’s health status through workforce development, grant activities, continuing education, and service learning.

Our Goals

  • Create community partnerships
  • Seek and obtain extramural funding
  • Facilitate grant process for interested faculty, staff, and community partners
  • Oversee continuing education and community-based learning and development
  • Maintain an inventory of service learning activities and opportunities

Organizational Structure

How The Center Benefits Our Community

Workforce Development

  • Professional Continuing Education
    • School of Health Sciences
    • School of Nursing
    • School of Social Work
  • Workforce Development Grants
    • Maryland BHIPP at Salisbury University
      • In partnership with the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Maryland BHIPP at Salisbury University provides regionally specific social work co-location in select rural primary care practices in the Mid and Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland, as well as in Western Maryland. The co-location component of BHIPP increases access to evidence-based behavioral health treatment services for patients at the host sites and contributes to the development of the local behavioral health workforce.
      • Masters in Social Work (MSW) students are trained and placed in primary care offices to serve as co-located mental health providers. BHIPP collaborates with faculty from Salisbury University to provide training and host monthly consultation calls that allow each student to present a case to a BHIPP consultant for feedback. BHIPP also engages with and supports the host sites through practice visits conducted in partnership with Salisbury University faculty. In addition, BHIPP supports and trains the MSW students on the use of the telephone consultation service to enhance the PCPs’ experience.
      • For more information about BHIPP’s social work co-location program, please contact Jan McIntyre or Kelly Coble. Please visit the Maryland BHIPP website for further information about the program.
    • Lower Shore Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
      • Funded by MSDE
      • Early childhood mental health consultation services provided to licensed center-based and family childcare providers and early childhood education settings
      • Utilization of MSW interns to support needs in Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester Counties
    • Eastern Shore Faculty Academy and Mentorship Initiative
      • Goals-
        • To prepare expert nurses as clinical teachers
        • Diversify the nurse educator workforce
        • Encourage pursuit of advanced education
      • Toolkits for Nursing Leadership Development
        • Goal-
          • To create web-based toolkits to teach leadership skills
        • Partners:
          • Peninsula Regional Medical Center
          • Atlantic General Hospital
          • University of Maryland Shore Regional Health
        • Lead Nursing Forward.ORG
          • Goal-
            • To develop a one-stop web resource
            • Increase awareness of the ongoing shortage of nursing faculty and RNs
            • Provide strategies and tips on how to become a nurse educator
            • Serve as a resource for accurate information about advancing one’s education in nursing
            • Post open positions for nurse educators in colleges/universities and health care organizations
          • Partners:
            • Salisbury University School of Nursing
            • University of Maryland School of Nursing
            • ESRGC
            • Pinnacle Communications
            • Hartlove-Goodyear
          • leadnursingforward.org/

Partner Engagement

  • Community Service Grants
    • HRSA RCORP-Planning Grant
      • Completion of needs assessment, strategic plan, workforce development plan, and sustainability plan related to opioid crisis in the rural counties of Maryland’s Eastern Shore
    • KISS
      • Funded by Maryland Department of Health
      • Student run organization that utilizes peer health educators to spread awareness about safe sex and testing for STI’s
  • Community-Based and Service Learning
    • Create Speaker’s Bureau to support community education efforts
    • Identify current volunteer, service learning, and internship activities
    • Explore new community-based learning opportunities
    • Consultation and Program Evaluation