Salisbury University students in the medical simulation (sim) center study a simulated baby

Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center

The Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center a state-of-the-science learning facility that provides high-quality, life-like simulation experiences for students and community professionals across diverse health care and non-health care fields. The center is designed to be a “safe space” for learners to practice, make mistakes, and refine clinical judgement and decision-making skills. Working side-by-side with peers and facilitators, learners from different professions are immersed in realistic simulation experiences that enable participants to implement evidence-based interventions and develop communication skills across an interdisciplinary team.

SU instructor in front of mannequin

Learning Through Simulation

A $1 million gift from the Richard A. Henson Foundation helped launch Salisbury University’s Henson Medical Simulation Center in 2011.

The center is also home to the Applied Health Physiology lab, which supports the clinical research projects of SU’s School of Health Science’s facilitators, and the Eastern Shore Faculty Academy and Mentoring Initiative (ES-FAMI), which represents a grant-funded educational program for clinical nurses who want to teach at Salisbury University or regional community colleges.

The simulation team offers consultation services for integrating simulation into healthcare curricula, designing scenarios, and developing technology specific to the use of simulation for a variety of learners. More insight about the simulation center can be found in this pdf: 

About Richard A. Henson's Medical Simulation Center (PDF)

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck Maryland, our Sim Center team quickly transitioned to delivering virtual simulations assuring that clinical learning experiences continued for Salisbury University health professions students.
Dr. Lisa Seldomridge PhD, RN, CNE, Director
  • 8 High Fidelity Patient Simulators
  • 6 Specialized Simulation Suites
  • 4 Debriefing Spaces