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Lambda Tau

Medical lab scientists have been called the “unsung heroes” of health care because few patients or members of the public ever get to see what happens in a diagnostic clinical laboratory. However, excellent jobs and exciting careers await students who decide to major in medical laboratory science.

Lambda Tau Society is the national honor society for Medical Laboratory Science students. Its purpose is to develop a spirit of cooperation and unity among students entering the profession of Medical laboratory Science; to stimulate a higher scholastic effort; to develop the professional character of a Medical Laboratory Scientist; to encourage research; to interest other students in this profession; and to receive the benefit of mutual discussions and associations with others with common interests. Faculty, both university and clinical, are also accepted as full members.

The Sigma Upsilon Chapter became recognized as an official chapter of the National Lambda Tau Society when it initiated its first 10 student members and 4 faculty members on Wednesday May 21, 2014.

May 2023 Inductees into the Sigma Upsilon Chapter of the National Lambda Tau Society

May 2023 Inductees

Sigma Upsilon Chapter of the National Lambda Tau Society