Salisbury University students on campus

Regional Professional Development Schools

The mission of the RPDS is to provide a learning community to improve practice and enhance student achievement in Pre-K-12 public schools. The RPDS provides professional development for classroom teachers and Salisbury University faculty. The Seidel School of Education partners with seven counties to provide preparation for prospective teachers enrolled in early childhood, elementary, secondary and P-12 programs in physical education, music, ESOL and TESOL at Salisbury University.

Salisbury University’s Seidel School of Education continues to collaborate with its P-12 Professional Development School partners and the Maryland State Department of Education regarding clinical practice adjustments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Considerations are being made to allow teacher candidates and interns to complete course outcomes and graduation requirements. All stakeholders involved in teacher preparation will be informed of any changes in clinical practice as soon as possible.

RPDS Celebration 2018 Honorees

Regional PDS Celebration 2019 Honorees