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Candidate Tools

The Clinical Practice and Professional Development Schools office: Conway Hall 354.

Please Complete the Correct Form for your Placement Needs

  1. Taking ECED 251, EDFN 210, ELED 201 and 202, SCED 300?
    If so please complete this request form: Foundations School Placement
  2. Taking a Professional Program methods class?

    Early and Elementary Education
    Blocks A, B and Dual Certification C

    Secondary and P – 12 Programs
    SCED 371, 372, 373, 374, 376, 429
    EMAT 518, 526, 527, 530, 531
    ELED 419 

    If so please complete this request form:  Methods School Placement

  3. Graduate Programs

    If clinical practice is required for a course you are taking please complete this request form:  Advanced Candidates School Placement.

    Either with #4 or free standing

    Fingerprint-based background checks are required for all teacher candidates and interns.  You will be notified by the Clinical Practice office on how to proceed based on the school district you request.

Internship Forms and Information