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Outdoor education classes offer practical preparation for a growing job market. Graduates of the program acquire skills that can be used in camp leadership, national park services and a variety of wilderness adventure and interpretive programs. With a degree from SU, you could become one of the following:

  • Outdoor Education Programs for Schools
  • Program Director for Camp and Conference Centers
  • Outdoor Business Owner
  • Corporate Leadership Developer
  • Camp Director
  • Adventure Programmer
  • Outdoor Program Leader
  • Wilderness Instructor
  • Wilderness Therapist
  • Park Ranger
Headshot of Joey Outdoor educational leadership student

Meet Joey and Parker

Outdoor Education Leadership Majors

Joey and Parker are confident they will be prepared for their dream careers with SU’s new outdoor education leadership major. Every day is an adventure as students build leadership skills through outdoor activities. Find out why SU students say there’s “no other program like it.”
Have you thought about a career in the nonprofit sector? If so, you should know that you can become a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) while completing your ODEL major at SU. Since many internship sites and employment opportunities are nonprofits, combining ODEL with this nonprofit certification can be the right professional move for your future! For more information, visit the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance at SU.