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Early and Elementary Education Study Abroad

Internships in Auckland, New Zealand

Students enrolled in the Early and Elementary Education program at Salisbury University have the opportunity to complete 8 weeks of their internship experience in either the Tauranga District of New Zealand Public Schools or Hamilton Public Schools near the University of Waikato.

World famous for its education system, and particularly its literacy and mathematics education programs, New Zealand is a truly special place for interns to complete one of their required professional internship experiences. The SU Department of Early and Elementary Education in the Seidel School of Education have been sending student teachers to New Zealand public schools for over 20 years, making it one of SU's oldest international initiatives.

The New Zealand teaching internship program is competitive and enrollment is limited. Only the most highly qualified interns will be chosen to represent the United States, the State of Maryland, the city of Salisbury and Salisbury University at the University of Waikato and within NZ public schools.

Times Higher Education ranks the University of Waikato 68th out of 100 "most international" universities in the world. With a student enrollment of just over 12,000 students, the university offers academic programs on its main campus in the city of Hamilton, as well as in the beautiful seaside community of Tauranga. The Faculty of Education is one of the best in New Zealand higher education with academic programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. Waikato was the first teachers’ training college to merge with a university. The Waikato Faculty of Education was the first to offer early childhood qualifications and teacher education online programs.

The Department of Early and Elementary Education at Salisbury University is very lucky to have an educational relationship with Waikato University. Likewise, SU Interns are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience teaching in a foreign county, gaining insights into world renowned pedagogical strategies in literacy and mathematics, and broadening their horizons to know what it is like to experience the world through diverse lenses.

Returning students express their personal, intellectual, and professional growth in ways that are both exciting and inspiring.

For more information, please contact Dr. Claudia Burgess.

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