Applying to the Major

Admission to the Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) requires that a series of pre-professional required courses (see list below) be completed before entry into the PTEP program is granted.

Click the link below to access the application:

The online application must be completed prior to your advising appointment.

A candidate to be admitted must:

Admission Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 46 hours.

  • Earn an overall GPA of 2.50 or higher (including transfer courses that fulfill general education program requirements).

  • Successfully complete Core Academic Skills (or the MSDE equivalent) and provide an official score report to the Teacher Education Department office, TETC 278.

  • To purchase a study guide: go to Core Test Preparation.

  • Exhibit appropriate professional program candidate dispositions.

Required Courses

  • Earn a GPA of 2.75 or higher with no grade below “C” for Pre-Professional required program courses (see list below). Click here to open the Required Courses GPA calculator.

Group I - English Composition and Literature
ENGL 103 English Composition or HONR 111 4
Literature (ENGL or MDFL) 4

Group II- History
HIST 101, 102, or 103 World History 4
HIST Elective above 103 4

Group III- Humanities and Social Sciences
Humanities Elective: Art, Communications/Theater Arts, Dance, Modern language, Music, or Philosophy 3/4
Social Science Elective: Anthropology, Economics, Human Geography, Political Science, or Sociology/Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution 3/4

Group IV- Sciences
Living Systems 4 – Bio 101
Physical Systems 4 – Chem/Phys 101
Earth Systems 4 – Geog 104

Group V- Fitness
FTWL 106 Health and Fitness 3

Additional Math Requirements
MATH 130 Fundamental Concepts I 3
MATH 150 Data and Probability Connections 3

Pre-Program Requirements
ELED 201 Introduction to Teaching 1
ELED 202 Technology in Education 4