MASMI Sales Champions

MASMI Sales Championship Winner:

Kody Skype 
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Sales students enrolled in MKTG 337, the Professional Selling course, compete against each other in the MASMI Sales Championship at their end of the semester in Perdue Hall. Sales students prepare all semester to vie for the title of "Sales Champion" through this three round role play competition.

MASMI is pleased to announce our overall winner and Sales Champ for the MASMI Sales Championship of Spring 2018 is Kody Skype! Congratulations Kody!

For more information on the MASMI Sales Championship, please visit our upcoming events.


Pictured L to R: Mr. Geoff Turner, President & CEO of Choptank Transport; Student Kody Skype, MASMI Sales Champion; and Account Executive David Gardner of Choptank Transport.

2018 Spring Sales Champion

Kody Skype


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2017 Fall Sales Champion

Julia Rey


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