Pharmacy School Preparation

Preparation for pharmacy school requires, first and foremost, that certain pre-requisite courses be completed and that the applicant take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT).

Students must have a minimum of two years of pre-professional study to apply to pharmacy school for admission, including the pharmacy school prerequisites. Although prerequisites among programs vary (check schools individual websites) the following are commonly required:

  • General Chemistry
    (1 year with Labs)
    CHEM 121, 122
  • General Biology
    (1 year with Labs)
    Course recommendations depend on major
  • Microbiology
    BIOL 211
  • Micro or Macro Economics
    ECON 211 or 212
  • Organic Chemistry
    (1 year with Labs)
    CHEM 221, 222
  • General Physics
    (1 year with Labs)
    PHYS 121,123
  • Communication
    CMAT 100
  • Anatomy and Physiology
    BIOL 215, 216

Students frequently choose to remain at Salisbury University to complete their undergraduate degree. Any undergraduate major is possible, although most students choose to major in Biology or Chemistry (as these courses overlap those that are required in pharmacy school). The SU Chemistry major, offers a pre-pharmacy track that is of interest to many students.

It is strongly recommended that students interested in pharmacy have exposure in the field to ensure that they are aware of what the pharmacy profession entails.

Sharon Esonu

Sharon Esonu
Medical Laboratory Science Major
Howard University
School of Pharmacy

Meryam Gharbi

Meryam Gharbi
Biology Major
Chemistry Minor
University of Maryland
School of Pharmacy