Salisbury University students on campus

SU's Smoke Free Campus

Committed to fostering wellness and a safe environment, Salisbury University officially became a smoke-free campus on August 22, 2010—one of only 466 in the nation, according to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation.

The policy was first proposed by the Student Government Association and the SU chapter of Colleges Against Cancer, a national organization for students sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Ultimately, a smoke-free campus was endorsed by the majority of University governance groups.

When announcing the initiative, SU President Janet Dudley-Eshbach said: “I hope that the entire campus community will respect this policy and appreciate that it was generated and vigorously debated by campus governance bodies. In the end, the decision to make SU a smoke-free campus was based on widespread input and concern for the health and well being of all members of our community.”

This Smoke-Free Campus Web site contains more useful information about the policy, including cessation programs and resources for those wishing to stop smoking, as well as research on the effects of secondhand smoke. The policy is in its initial phase of implementation and will be refined, along with this site, throughout the coming year.