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SU School of Nursing Faculty Earn MHEC Accolades
Pictured, from left: Annette Manson; Brooke Mills; and Stephanie Howard.

SU School of Nursing Faculty Earn MHEC Accolades

By SU Public Relations

SALISBURY, MD---Salisbury University’s School of Nursing faculty recently were lauded by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) for their unwavering dedication not only to graduating more nurses, but to preparing more nursing faculty. 

“As we hire new faculty to replace retiring faculty and to increase our current faculty numbers due to program expansion, funding to support those faculty members is essential,” said Dr. Debra Webster, director of SU’s School of Nursing. “The faculty here in the School of Nursing are phenomenal. I’m proud of their hard work and that MHEC continues to recognize the talented faculty here at SU.”  

Dr. Tina Reid, professor of nursing, earned the Nurse Faculty Annual Recognition (NFAR) Award. 

The NFAR Award recognizes outstanding faculty who demonstrate excellence, impact on students, innovation and leadership in their nursing programs. 

Brooke Mills, clinical assistant professor of nursing; Dr. Mia Waldron, assistant professor of nursing; Stephanie Howard, nursing instructor; and Annette Manson, clinical assistant professor, earned the New Nurse Faculty Fellowship Award.

The fellowship is given to faculty who are newly helping to meeting the goal to expand Maryland’s nursing programs. The awards may be used to assist new nursing faculty with professional expenses, such as professional development, loan repayment and other relevant expenses.

SU’s School of Nursing has received several million dollars in grants and fellowships through the Faculty Academy and Mentorship Initiative of Maryland (FAMI-MD). Formerly known as ESFAMI, the program prepares experienced registered nurses who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher for new roles as clinical nursing faculty.

Funded through the MHEC Nurse Support II program, FAMI-MD is offered as a collaborative effort among nursing programs across the state of Maryland.

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