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Native American Historical Re-Enactor Performs at SU

Native American Historical Re-Enactor Performs at SU

By SU Public Relations

SALISBURY, MD---Historical re-enactor Drew Shuptar-Davis presents “Ancestral Bridges Leading Us Forward: An Evening with the Pocomoke Nation” 7 p.m. Friday, November 3, in Salisbury University’s Conway Hall Room 156.

Shuptar-Davis performs Pekatawas MakataweU, alias Black Corn, as he offers an interactive presentation about early colonial settlements in the Mid-Atlantic region, the adaptation of Native American life to European settlement and trade goods, and the interconnected relationships between the Dutch, Swedes, English and Algonquian people in the late 17th century. 

This presentation includes examples of material culture, including wampum and firearms. Descendants of the local Pocomoke Paramountcy also present an overview of Indigenous landscapes, trails, and peoples on early Delmarva. 

Shuptar-Davis is a Cultural Ambassador for the Pocomoke Indian Nation of Maryland. He holds a B.A. in anthropology and sociology from Western Connecticut State University and a Certificate Degree in Archaeology from Norwalk Community College.

Representatives from the Pocomoke Nation also present on the ancestral landscape of Delmarva.

Co-sponsored by the Maryland Public Humanities Program and the Edward H. Nabb Center of Delmarva Culture and History, admission is free and the public is invited. For more information call 410-677-4601.

Those planning to park on campus must register in advance for a free parking pass.

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