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Collections to Support Research: The Center for Research Libraries

CRL LogoWhile most of the SU Libraries’ collections are intended to support instruction, we are able to provide access to some outstanding collections to support research through USMAI, our library consortium. Last year, USMAI joined the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), which provides support for research for faculty and students in a wide range of disciplines and for those studying ALL areas of the world.

For more details on the CRL and how to take advantage of its resources, please see our Center for Research Libraries LibGuide available here online.

Here are some of the collection strengths:

  • News: More than 16,000 newspaper titles from all over the world and the U.S., including more than 1,800 U.S. ethnic titles.
  • Law and government information:
    • Legislative, administrative, financial and statistical reports from central governments all over the world
    • Foreign government historical collections of archives as well as several hundred thousand volumes of government publications from more than 100 countries
    • Monographic and serial publications of U.S. state government agencies from the colonial period to 1950
    • State legislative journals from the U.S. and Canada through 1990
  • Science, technology and engineering:
    • Extensive foreign-language science and technology periodicals
    • Rich historical holdings of U.S. and international scientific and technical publications
    • Access to more than 50,000 current and historical science, technology and engineering journals through the Linda Hall Library
  • History and economics of agriculture: Journals, census data and historical monographs
  • Archives:
    • Major microform collections from the national archives of the U.S., the U.K., and other national and intergovernmental organizations
    • Extensive archival sets from nongovernmental organizations and scholarly and missionary societies
    • Special collections of archival and primary source material from various world regions
  • International dissertations: More than 800,000 non-U.S., non-Canadian doctoral dissertations

The CRL is a physical library. If you go to Chicago, you can visit it. Most people aren’t going to do that, of course. Happily, you can directly access some of those resources, particularly the digital resources. Others you can find through our online catalog and request through Inter-Library Loan. You’ll find information on how to access materials in our CRL LibGuide.

Other opportunities available through the CRL:

  • Request an individual consultation with CRL staff to see what collections they have to support your research.
  • Find what is available in your discipline or geographical area through CRL’s topic guides.
  • Request digitization of titles, volumes or microform held by the CRL.
  • Request a purchase of an international doctoral dissertation, newspapers or certain archival materials. CRL will consider requests up to $2,000 per user per year.
You can find out how to take advantage of these opportunities through – you guessed it – our CRL LibGuide.