Guerrieri Academic Commons arial view from front entrance.

Student Worker Profile: Sarah Prince


Sarah Prince is a junior from Baltimore, MD. She came to SU because she “felt like SU was a home away from home” and some of the health science fields are very strong. She is majoring in community health with a minor in dance. What she enjoys most about her major “is being able to help others; participate in community service, which counts toward my credits; and learn about the medical field.” She also noted: “I love how the classes apply to real life and how they can teach one a lot about life.”

In addition to being a dancer, Sarah also has an artistic streak. During winter term 2019, she took an introduction to photography course at SU that involved traveling to London, Paris and Barcelona. She commented: “This was such a great opportunity for me because it exposed me to the outside world and gave me an international perspective. Of course, I was excited to learn about photography, but I was even more excited to travel the world and visit three countries in three weeks!”

Sarah has worked at the SU Libraries for three years in Collection Management. She said what she enjoys most about working here “is the environment. As a student worker, I feel welcomed and appreciated in everything that I do. I also love that I have a voice and can come up with ideas and collaborate with others to improve the SU Libraries as a whole.”

Working at the Libraries has helped her academically. She observed: “I am exposed to the technology and the resources that the SU Libraries has to offer every day and I am able to use those resources to help me with my studies and research.”

Bev Dennis, Sarah’s immediate supervisor, said of her: “Sarah is a spunky and hardworking individual. She always manages to befriend the other student workers and staff. Her friendly and creative demeanor is a welcome addition to the department.”

After graduation, Sarah plans to apply for jobs in the community health field, and she also wants to open her own dance studio and earn a master’s in public health. Eventually, she intends to apply to a second-degree nursing program and become a hospital nursing administrator. And with so much studying needed to earn two master’s degrees, no doubt Sarah’s familiarity with library resources will come in handy!