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Lena Woodis

Lena Woodis


  • University of Wisconsin--Madison, PhD, Physical Chemistry, 2011

Research Interest

The aim of research projects in Dr. Woodis’s lab is to help launch our society into a cleaner, safer age by designing, fabricating, and testing quantum dot solar cells made from green materials synthesized using green chemistry procedures. One hour of sunlight could power the entire planet for a year but current solar cell technology is not able to harvest all of this available energy. Advances in nanotechnology have allowed for the conception of third generation photovoltaic (PV) devices involving the use of quantum confined structures, such as quantum dots (QDs). Because of the special properties of QDs, it is conceivable that PV devices with QD absorbers could be constructed to achieve 100 percent efficiency (or even greater if multiple exciton generation can be utilized) in converting sunlight into electricity.