Salisbury University students on campus

Integrated Science Major - Individually Designed Track

The Integrated Science Program at Salisbury University is an innovative major that is ideal for students considering a career in science. What makes our program at SU unique is its interdisciplinary nature, which allows for exploration of a variety of subject areas including integrated science and engineering, biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science, physics, and more. No matter what your passion is, our integrated science curriculum allows you to push the boundaries and create a flexible major that is best suited to your individual interests and career goals.

Why Choose the Individually Designed Program at Salisbury University?

Let your imagination go and make your own major by integrating courses from two or more STEM disciplines. Work with our program coordinator to create a path to meet your interests while fulfilling the requirements for your degree.

Careers for Individually Designed Program Graduates

What can I do with a degree in integrated science? Studies have shown that an integrated science degree not only offers you a lot of flexibility to select a major field but also makes you very employable. The opportunity to combine two-three majors in STEM gives employers more skills to look at when hiring our students. Integrated science graduates have an opportunity to explore numerous career options in STEM, such as:

  • Dentist
  • Engineer
  • Medical researcher
  • Neuroscientist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician
  • Science journalist
  • Veterinarian