Salisbury University students on campus

Geography Major - General Geography Concentration

Get ready to chart your course. Emphasizing the “where,” geographers study the character of places by examining the interactions between the economic, cultural and physical environment of a place. Why do we study geography? It is one of the best ways to understand your world and to become a better global citizen.

Why Choose the General Program at Salisbury University?

In the general geography track student selects advanced geography and geosciences coursework based on their particular interests.

Careers for General Program Graduates

Graduates completing the general geography program within the geography major may find employment in a range of sectors, including with the public or in education, commerce or tourism. What jobs can you get as a geography major? With a Salisbury education in geography, you can find your place in the world with one of the following careers:

  • Landscape architect
  • National Park Service ranger
  • Recycling officer
  • Emergency manager/management planner
  • University professor
  • Water resource manager
  • Various federal government positions: NASA, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Census Bureau