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Earth Science Major - Geoenvironmental Science Track

About the Program

The Geoenvironmental Science Program at Salisbury University is focused on the application of geosciences to solve environmental problems. Students experience the nature of work in natural resources, preservation of the natural environment, restoration from environmental damage and mitigation of geohazards, such as earthquakes and landslides.

One key feature of SU’s program is our commitment to field work and experiential studies. Many of the core and elective courses include class field trips and intensive, hands-on lab activities. Students have also engaged in one-on-one student faculty research, investigating topics such as shorebreak on coastal beaches and presenting their work at national conferences.

Course of Study

The Geoenvironmental Science Program is a track within the earth science major.

Review our program requirements in the catalog:

Follow this four-year curriculum guide to help you graduate on time:

Meet Mariah and Brad – Geoenvironmental Science Track

Meet Mariah and Brad – Geoenvironmental Science Track

Find out why Mariah and Brad both fell in love with the geoenvironmental science track with the help of faculty who are just as passionate as they are.