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Chemistry Major - Traditional Concentration

Everything matters: Chemistry, the study of how matter changes, is often called the “central science.” It connects to fields such as genetics, medicine, forensics, nanotechnology, drug discovery, the environment and even computer hardware. A degree in chemistry prepares you for a variety of exciting and rewarding careers, and Salisbury University has the tools to cultivate you into a master of the field.

Why Choose the Traditional Program at Salisbury University?

The traditional chemistry concentration is a baccalaureate concentration designed for direct entry into the chemistry profession.

Careers for Traditional Program Graduates

What jobs can a chemistry major get with a focus in the traditional program? Our Chemistry Department offers a broad selection of tracks for students seeking careers in chemistry and the physical sciences. You could find your element with one of the following chemistry career paths:

  • Basic Research
  • Laboratory Management
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Quality Assurance & Control
  • Governmental regulation and monitoring
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Science Policy
  • Computational Chemistry