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Connect Your Career to Your Values

Social Entrepreneurship Minor

Connect your livelihood to your life purpose with the social entrepreneurship minor at Salisbury University. With increasing number of individuals interested in services and products that match their values, today’s consumers not only examine price but other broader, far-reaching human consequences. How will this product impact the environment? Our health and well-being? Society as a whole?

Why Choose a Social Entrepreneurship Minor at Salisbury University?

Social entrepreneurship is concerned with not only making profits, but producing positive impacts on the local community, society and world. This altruistic form of entrepreneurship has become a new formula for business success. The social entrepreneurship minor at SU reflects a strong commitment to transform business education for positive social impact. Through the many opportunities available to you at SU, you will learn how to create sustainable solutions addressing a wide range of social issues.

SU’s Management Department is committed to the entrepreneurial spirit. With our social entrepreneurship minor, you will receive professional mentorship, refine your business ideas, build networks and gather support, and get hands-on practical experience. As a student, you can work with organizations in the community to practice what you learned in the classroom. Through an Applied Business Learning Experience (ABLE) internship, you can gain on-the-job experience and discover how your talents, personality and approach to work will play an important role in your professional development.

SU is home to one of the oldest student entrepreneurship competitions in the country, and we have a history of helping students implement their business plans and make their dreams a reality. Each year, SU hosts the Student Entrepreneurship Competition and Shore Hatchery Competition, where many students as well as entrepreneurs from the community participate and win prestigious awards.

For those interested in a more in-depth study, SU also offers a major in management.

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