students playing instruments on stage
It’s Time to Sing Your Song

Music Minor

Everyone has a song to sing. At Salisbury University, we prepare our music students to not only take the stage but work behind it, too. With a broad spectrum of courses and areas of focus, our program creates the musicians of tomorrow as well as the masters who teach and make performances happen. We’ll help you get into the rhythm and create the musical career of your dreams.

Why Choose a Music Minor at Salisbury University?

Play that again: SU’s acclaimed music program is accredited with the National Association of Schools of Music. We are recognized for our uniquely designed curriculum, which includes opportunities to study and perform music not only within the European Classical tradition, but also in distinctively American genres such as jazz, rock and pop, as well as music from other cultures.

Our students don’t just read about music theory in the classroom. They have the chance to let their skills shine and perform in professional settings. For example, students at SU continue to benefit from ongoing educational experiences offered through the University’s performance ensembles. A number of outreach programs such as the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra and Royal Conservatory Certificate Program are also available to our students. Check out the Music Program for details on these opportunities.

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers a music major.

It is both a privilege and honor to be able to make a small difference. In recent years, I’ve wanted to use my gifts as a singer in philanthropic ways.
JOHN WESLEY WRIGHT, D.M.A. Music Program Faculty

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