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German Minor

Did you know that German is the most widely spoken language in Europe and one of the most spoken in the world, with native speakers on every continent? It’s true! Germany is a leader in scientific research and one of the world’s largest economic ??markets, which makes German one of the most important languages for science and trade. Rich in cultural history and tradition, it is easy to see why Germany is a popular location for research, internships, and study abroad. As the language of inventors, innovators, and global market leaders as well as philosophers, artists, and literary greats, German opens a number of doors for those who study it.

Why Choose German at SU?

The German program at Salisbury University offers students a chance to minor in German through the completion of basic and intermediate coursework on campus and advanced coursework at one of our partner institutions abroad. Students not only learn the basics of the German language but also are introduced to aspects of German history and culture through classroom instruction and culturally enriching experiences. 

There are many programs available for transfer credit with our partners in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. SU has a very successful consortium agreement with Philipp University of Marburg, which allows students to take courses that will apply directly toward their German minor at SU. SU’s professors and their colleagues at our partner institutions abroad are here to help you discover the German-speaking world! 

At home, the German Club is one of SU’s oldest student-run clubs on campus. Since 1972, it has organized and hosted the annual Oktoberfest, which has become one of the most popular events on campus. The club is very involved in many campus activities such as Relay For Life and Habitat for Humanity work days. Recently, the German Club was named one of Salisbury University’s most active student organizations. Additional activities include camping trips, a Christmas party with German food and weekly meetings, with a German “Stammtisch” every other week. 

Requirements for a minor in German consist of five courses. Only courses in which a student earns a grade of C or better may be applied to the minor. Only one course may be used to meet a General Education requirement, and at least three courses must be completed at SU.

Students must complete the following courses:

  • GERM 102 Elementary German II
  • GERM 201 Intermediate German I
  • GERM 202 Intermediate German II 

Students must also complete two courses from the following:

  • GERM 310 Intermediate Composition
  • GERM 312 Intermediate Conversation
  • GERM 350 German Short Stories
  • MDFL 245 German Peoples


  • Advertising
  • Cultural events coordinator
  • Educator
  • FBI agent
  • Foreign diplomat missionary
  • Foreign service officer
  • Foreign service officer
  • Immigration officer
  • Importer/exporter
  • International account manager
  • International banking officer
  • International business
  • International relations consultant
  • Nonprofit work
  • Proofreader
  • Study abroad coordinator/advisor
  • Tour guide/travel agent
  • Translator/interpreter

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