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Film Minor

Go beyond the silver screen at Salisbury University, where you will learn more about the medium of film. When you graduate, you should have a much broader appreciation for the various histories, cultures and ideas that have inflected the development of film as we know it today.

Why Choose Film at SU?

In addition to experienced faculty and a variety of course options, our film students enjoy a large library collection of DVDs for independent study and a fully equipped media room for outstanding film screenings. These resources are invaluable to students pursuing an interest in film and media.

Students in the film minor must complete four courses in the department beyond the courses used to fulfill General Education requirements (ENGL 103 with a C or better and the General Education literature course). Students may not use courses to satisfy requirements in both the minor and major programs of study in English. At least three of the English courses beyond ENGL 103 used for the minor must be taken at SU, and a minimum of three courses must be taken at the 300/400 level. A grade of C or better is required in courses for the minor. 

Beyond the literature requirement, students must select four courses from among the following:

  • ENGL 220 Introduction to Film
  • ENGL 221 Literature and Film
  • ENGL 301 Studies in English: Language, Film or Writing
  • ENGL 323 Major Film Directors
  • ENGL 324 Film Genre
  • ENGL 401 Studies in Film
  • ENGL 402 Film History
  • ENGL 404 International Cinema
  • ENGL 405 Hearing Cinema
  • ENGL 406 Documentary Cinema Studies
  • ENGL 408 Film Politics
  • ENGL 494 Topics in English: Writing or Film

For a more in-depth study, SU also offers a film track as part of its English major.

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