Be the Bridge Between Cultures

Ethnic and Intercultural Studies Minor

The minor in ethnic and intercultural studies offers students the opportunity to study other cultures and social groups in a variety of ways. The program examines the cultural differences and similarities of people around the world, and workers in this field focus on bridging gaps between cultures and social groups.

Why Choose Ethnic and Intercultural Studies at SU?

The minor consists of five courses, two courses selected from the required core group and an additional three courses selected from any one of the three tracks (United States minorities, cultural area studies and intercultural studies – see checklist for specific courses) or from all courses listed for a more general minor. No more than two courses from any one department may be used to complete the minor.

Only one course may be used to meet a General Education requirement and at least three courses must be completed at SU. All courses applicable to the minor must be completed with grades of C or better.

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