Play an Active Role

Athletic Coaching Minor

Whether it’s leading them to score the winning goal or helping them realize their own potential, a coach plays an active role in the lives of the athletes they train. Our athletic coaching minor at Salisbury University will prepare you to take on this role and help shape the lives of others.

Why Choose Athletic Coaching at SU?

The minor in athletic coaching is designed to prepare individuals for coaching sports teams in either public schools or in the community. Students seeking a minor in athletic coaching must complete 21 credit hours of coursework with grades of C or better. At least 15 credits must consist of courses that are not used to satisfy General Education requirements and at least 9 of these credits must be earned at SU.

Required courses for the minor include:

  • EXSC 213 Injury Prevention and Emergency Management
  • EXSC 250 Strength Training and Program Design
  • PHEC 330 Athletic Coaching
  • PHEC 331 Coaching Youth Sports
  • PHED 351 Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Education
  • SCED 101: Learning Leadership

For a more in-depth experience, you may also be interested in SU’s physical education and exercise science majors.

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