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Find Your Way in a Growing World

International Studies Major

As technology and the forces of globalization make everyone in the world more closely connected, it is important that students know more about the world in which they will have to live and work. At Salisbury University, we believe this means not only knowing about the history, politics and cultures of other countries, but communicating with other people in their own languages and developing experience abroad. The international studies major helps students achieve the knowledge and skills to find their way in a growing world.

Why Choose an International Studies Major at Salisbury University?

What is an international studies major? The international studies major is designed for students who seek a broad course of study focusing on the modern world that is different from traditional academic settings. Our program encourages students to view the world from different perspectives and consider social, political, economic, historical and cultural processes, power relations and linkages that connect individuals, communities, states, and regions.

We educate students in understanding the world outside the United States so that they can better serve as informed citizens in a democratic society and also as professionals in careers spanning national boundaries. To expand their horizons, we encourage a foreign academic experience for our students, and all students in this major must demonstrate proficiency in a non-English language.

Students work with a major advisor to choose courses on a specific region of the world or an international topic as a program of study.

Meet Ben – International Studies Major video still

Meet Ben – International Studies Major

Learn about the exciting course offerings featuring modern issues that Ben loves about the international studies major.

Careers for International Studies Majors

A well-rounded education makes a great job candidate. What can you do with an international studies bachelor's degree? International studies majors may find employment in business, government, nonprofits, social services and education, including the following occupations:

  • Policy Analyst for the federal government or Advocacy group
  • Research Assistant
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Congressional aide/analyst
  • Consular/embassy assistant
  • Security Researcher/Analyst
  • Lobbyist
  • HR for a global company
  • Humanitarian relief worker
  • International development assistant
  • Trade Assistant

International Studies Major Faculty with Real-World Experience

Our faculty helps students reach beyond their borders to expand their world and pursue rewarding careers.

Meet Your International Studies Major Faculty:
Eric Rittinger

Eric Rittinger

Dr. Eric Rittinger serves as faculty advisor for Model UN, a student organization that simulates real-world diplomacy. Every year, Dr. Rittinger takes Model UN students to international conferences in Washington, D.C. or New York City. At these conferences, SU students represent their assigned country on UN committees, negotiate with other students from around the world, and draft resolutions that are then voted on. Dr. Rittinger incorporates Model UN into his course, POSC 415: The UN System, by offering course credit for the work that students put in preparing for the conference and participating in it. Model UN’s repeated success has been made possible by the International Studies program, which aims to nurture students’ passion for global politics, cross-cultural communication, and multilateral problem-solving.

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