Suzanne Lincoln - Success Story

Suzanne Lincoln HeadshotI conducted a research study and analysis of the effects of guided reading on reading achievement in a multicultural school. This research project was done where I live and work in Morocco. I used existing data to discover that guided reading is an effective strategy for significantly improving reading achievement for ELL (English Language Learner) students in a multicultural school.

For the project, I collaborated closely with Dr. Diana Wagner. She was very supportive and accommodating with my international situation. Additionally, she worked closely with me in the data analysis. Based on my research and data, our elementary school has changed its approach to reading instruction.

I graduated in December 2017 and am taking a job as a curriculum and instructional specialist at an International American School. I will be directing the elementary school curriculum implementation and data analysis. I also will be supporting teachers in the implementation of 21st century teaching and learning.