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Doctor of Education - Contemporary Curriculum Theory and Instruction: Literacy

The Ed.D. program in contemporary curriculum theory and instruction: literacy provides students with a strong core in literacy, theory, research and practice with the aim of cultivating scholarly and reflective practitioners who are prepared to promote culturally-responsive, effective literacy learning across diverse contexts. We are producing the next generation of educational professionals who will advance knowledge of the field to address emergent challenges while sustaining the integrity and vitality of the discipline. Graduates of the Ed.D. program pursue positions of leadership in curriculum, teacher education and higher education.

Why Choose Doctor of Education at SU?

The mission of the Ed.D. program is to develop reflective and scholarly practitioners so they can lead the change that matters for all learners. We are committed to producing the professionals of the next generation, and our program offers a number of benefits:

  • An innovative curriculum. Engage in advanced professional study in collaborative environment and join research partnerships with experienced faculty in diverse educational contexts.
  • A distinguished program. Our Ed.D. program is proud to be a member of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate. What this means for our students is they learn and grow in a program that is involved at a national level while they receive attention to their local professional context.
  • A diverse group of students. SU’s students come from diverse educational settings, spanning early education to post-secondary environments. What they share in common is a commitment to learning and serving as transformational leaders who collaboratively design and implement solutions to problems of literacy practice in many educational contexts.
  • Dedicated faculty. Our faculty are known as outstanding teachers and engaging researchers. They provide extensive and collegial advising, working with our doctoral students to prepare them for success in their chosen career paths.
Meet Rebecca – Ed.D. Student

Meet Rebecca – Ed.D. Student

Hear how this program challenges Rebecca with coursework and applying content, as well as supports her with flexibility and a sense of community.

Program Admission

Students applying to the Ed.D. program should review the admission requirements.

Faculty with Real-World Experience

With a strong history of involvement with public education, our faculty understands the multiple challenges facing today’s educators and will prepare students appropriately for their careers.

Our aim is to cultivate leaders as change agents who are prepared to foster culturally responsive, effective literacy learning across diverse contexts.
Judith Franzak, Ed.D. Department of Education Leadership Faculty

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