Doctor holding stethoscope with indistinct medical people in the background

Pre-Medical Upper-Division Certificate

The Pre-Medical Upper-Division Certificate Program is designed to guide students interested in pursuing a career in health fields, regardless of their major. With this certificate, students will be able to prove their capabilities for continued study in careers such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry and more.

Enhance Your Career Opportunities

The Pre-Medical Upper Division Certificate Program consists of courses that are common requirements for entrance into a wide variety of professional medical programs. This certificate program is intended for any SU student who is interested in a career as a medical professional or those who have remained undecided in their career until late in their undergraduate program.

The pre-medical certificate program will be especially helpful to students who choose a non-science major. For students who initially pursued medicine as a career and then chose to change their goals just before or soon after graduation, this certificate will provide a record on their transcript of their success in pursuing a challenging academic career. For students who do not continue on to a post-baccalaureate program, this certificate will provide further documentation of a student’s skills and background.

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