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The Senior Class Gift - What Will Your Legacy Be?

2023 Senior Class Gift – Attention ALL SENIORS!

Each year, SU's graduating class gives back to continue the university's mission of building on active citizenship, spreading empowering knowledge, and more. For 2023, funds will support our STARS Program. This program pairs incoming students registered with the Disability Resource Center with a peer mentor to ensure an inclusive and successful transition to Salisbury University. Leave your legacy today by becoming a donor!

Questions? Contact our Annual Giving Coordinator James Reedy at

Your Senior Class Gift

2017 Senior Class Gift: Solar Charging Umbrellas

A student funded initiative supporting student life! The Senior Class Gift is dedicated to improving the lives of current students by proving that modest gifts from many Sea Gulls can make a difference on SU's campus.

What We Support

Salisbury University seniors have a long and varied tradition of giving back to SU. From General Scholarships to the Student Crisis Fund, the pergola outside GUC to the bike racks outside Henson Hall, the legacy of SU seniors encompasses the spirit, enthusiasm, passion, and tradition of the University.

Class Gift by the Numbers

  • 2022   - 357 students gave to help create a student organization space in GSU
  • 2021 - 349 students gave to expand the operations of SU’s food pantry Food for the Flock
  • 2019 - 392 students gave to support the purchase and planting of a “rare find” tree for SU’s arboretum
  • 2018 - 373 students gave to help launch SU’s first career closet
  • 2017 - 314 students gave to install solar-powered charging umbrellas outside St. Martin's Hall
  • 2016 - 256 students gave to replace the outdated bicycle racks outside Henson Hall
  • 2015 - 161 students gave to continue the Student Crisis Fund
  • 2014 - 155 students gave to the newly created Student Crisis Fund