Living at SU

As members of the SU Bridges Program, students are invited to live on SU’s campus and enjoy all the support services and activities:

  • Transitioning to life at SU is easier, as students arrive on campus in the fall and take part in all New Student Experience activities, including Convocation, service learning projects and Welcome Week. They can even join an outdoor orientation program. To learn more about Student Transitioning.
  • Students live in various SU residence halls with all incoming freshmen and have the opportunity to make friendships and connections with others just starting college. To learn more about Residence Life.
  • Meal plan options are available to students so they can enjoy the convenience of SU’s award-winning dining services while hanging out with friends. To learn more about Dining Services.
  • As official members of the campus community, SU Bridges students receive a Gull Card (student ID) that gives them access to such facilities as the University Fitness Club and Guerrieri Academic Commons, as well as affording them SU discounts at several local businesses. To learn more about the Gull Card.
  • Program participants have full access to campus events, activities and support programs (like the Student Health Center and Writing Center). The only limitation is students cannot participate in intercollegiate sports (club sports and Division III) until spring enrollment at SU. To learn more about SU student activities.