Salisbury University students on campus

Make Tomorrow Yours

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Salisbury University is many different things to each of us—a welcoming campus that feels like home, hub for forward-thinking scholars, community partner, the starting point for a bright future. But what makes us who we are?

The SU brand is more than a logo or marketing tool. The experiences others have with our campus are what define and connect us. Our stories and the way they are told define us in the minds of our audience. It’s not just how we look or what we say—it’s what we do together.

Our Brand Promise

SU is home to inspired students and educators, fostering rich opportunities and a broad world view to challenge ourselves to shape the future.

We are the place where “tomorrow” begins.

This brand promise is made possible by a set of elements known as brand pillars. They provide structure and authenticity for the brand and drive compelling messaging. Within each pillar there are reasons to believe: the proof points that support that pillar. The University’s strategic planning and branding processes have articulated these brand pillars for SU: