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Expressing Disagreement


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Planning an Event

Whether using amplified sound, bringing in a speaker or displaying symbolic structures, there are many things to consider. When planning an event, a registered student organization (RSO) must make space reservations through the Facilities Reservations. Once space is reserved, staff in the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership (CSIL) can help provide logistical support and guidance, including help with time, place and manner regulations, to set the stage for a successful event. Learn more by visiting CSIL's website.

Time, Place and Manner Restrictions

In public forums such as the Quad, the university may not regulate the content of speech but can place reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions. Examples of permissible university time, place, and manner restrictions include:

Reporting Violations or Concerns

Salisbury University students have constitutionally protected rights of free expression, speech, assembly and worship, as well as rights to due process and equal protection. The Student Accountability & Community Standards Office is guided by the belief that a community exists on the basis of shared values and principles. We aim to foster a community, at Salisbury University and beyond, where integrity and respect are the established norm, and where each community member understands that this is a responsibility that must be shared by all. Staff can provide advice and assistance to students by answering questions and resolving concerns about their rights, as well as informal and formal grievance procedures. If you have questions you can contact the Office of Student Accountability and Community Standards at

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This resource was adapted, with permission and gratitude, from the University of California Davis Student Expression website.