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LGBTQ Issues

Although seldom addressed, sexual assault is an issue in the LGBTQ community. It is a misconception that rape and sexual assault only occur in heterosexual communities. As in heterosexual relationships, sexual assaults are usually committed by someone that the survivor knows. Members of the LGBTQ community, however, are less likely to report sexual assault than heterosexual survivors. LGBTQ survivors who decide to come forward and report their assault or seek support may face the additional challenges of homophobic, prejudicial or intolerant attitudes from people who are supposed to assist them.

If you have been sexually assaulted, know that you do not have to face this alone. Contact the Counseling Center (410.543.6070) to schedule an appointment. If you are supporting a friend or a partner who has experienced a sexual assault, support is available for you too!

Source: USCS Rape Prevention Education and members of the LGBTI community.