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Think About It Online Course

Course Description

The Think About It program is an interactive online course mandatory for all incoming Salisbury University students. This course helps prepare students for issues they may confront at college – for many, their first time living away from home or having significant responsibilities for their own health and safety. It covers important topics such as healthy relationships, sex in college, partying smart, sexual violence, high-risk situations, stalking, supporting survivors of sexual violence and more!

This program will be provided to you in three parts, which will be taken at different points in your first year at Salisbury. Read below for detailed information regarding each course and its respective due date.

Key Concepts

Course 1- Think About It: Turning Points provides students with a comprehensive foundation in four areas: sex in college, partying smart, sexual violence, and healthy relationships. This course prepares students before they begin their life in college. This course will likely take a couple hours to complete.

  • Course Completion Date: Friday, August 30, 2019

Course 2- Think About It: Good Friends will focus on your attitudes and behaviors and reinforces critical lessons from Think About It: Turning Points about intervening in high-risk situations. This course will likely take 30min-60min to complete.

  • Course Completion Date: TBD

Course 3-Think About It: The Way Forward will occur after you have adjusted to college life. It extends learning points from the first two courses about recognizing and supporting survivors of sexual violence. This course will likely take 30min-60min to complete.

  • Course Completion Date: TBD

Completing the Think About It Course

  1. You will receive a registration e-mail (in your campus email) containing your personalized login link to the online program.
  2. Upon clicking the link you will be directed to SU's authentication page if you have not already been authenticated. Please enter your SU username and Password. You will then be directed to the online program.
  3. You can also access SU’s authentication page directly(and bookmark this page as a favorite for ease in accessing the course content).

You will need to ensure that you have adequate internet access and audio capabilities. If you require accessibility options, after opening the program, check the “accessibility Mode” box that will appear below the course screen.

The course allows you to work at your own pace and you can start/stop in concordance with your schedule. However, please be mindful of the course completion dates above.

Questions About Think About It

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Think About It, please contact:

Technology Support

The Information Technology department is available to assist students with technology issues and requests. For IT assistance, please visit the Help Desk's Page for more information.